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It’s finally here 🥳

For those of you who don't know me my name is Cait, I'm 23, and I have been in love with photography for as long as I can remember😍 My parents got me my first camera in about 4th grade, I had started shooting with my moms old film cameras by middle school, and had my first art show as a freshman in high school. Whatever I was doing I could always be found with a camera in my hand 📸 Something about finding just the right way to capture a moment and feeling was always so exciting for me because I felt (and sometime still do) that I can't always express my feelings in words. Photography and art in general can be such amazing tools to express a feeling or story and a HUGE part of marketing today. SO since the start of this year I have been working to create my first online course🥳 In it I will teach you everything from the basics of just how to use your camera, what ISO, Aperture, and Exposure are along with showing you how to take photos ranging from family and self-portraits to shooting flatlays for brands. Additionally we will go over how to edit in Lightroom, how to use & create Lightroom Presets, create your dream Instagram aesthetic, plan content, and much much more!! I am running a special promotion till the end of the month for anyone who pre-registers. You will receive my Mega Preset Bundle (16 premium Lightroom Mobile Presets) Digital Media Kit & Content Planner, and a few more freebie and more surprise 🥰