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Helping Support Small Business

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

For everyone this is a very scary situation we are in. With people being out of work for unknown periods of time (myself included😬) the kiddos going stir-crazy being home from school, trying to balance giving our pets the constant attention they crave while trying to somehow manage to get work done, IT IS ROUGH!

And it is especially scary for those small business out there who may not be getting their usual customers due our current economic state and don’t even know if they will make it through and be able to open back up💔 So when you do purchase something, MAKE IT COUNT! Here are some online business for you to check out & help support (when possible) in this troubling time!



The best reason to stay home? You don’t need to wear pants🤪 & better yet you can help make a difference while laying around in your undies by shopping with nkdunderwear! In women's shelters one of the most requested items is underwear so that's why NKD always promises to donate one pair every time one is sold & by using my discount code '_curly.girly' you can get 40% off!!🥳❤