• Cait

Hello August

Hey guys! It’s finally August!! And while that may mean summer is starting to come to a close, it is still the start of a new month with many exciting new things!

A new month means new goals, here are some of my August intentions...

  • Get into a sleep routine

  • Halt unnecessary expenses (gotta save that money!)

  • Journal daily

  • Exercise my body AND mind

  • Post regularly

What are your intentions? I encourage you to write a list of your monthly goals and put it up somewhere in your home/workspace to remind yourself of all you’re working to achieve!

Now, for me personally, August is a HUGE month! It’s a month that is bringing me one step closer to my goal of moving out on my own and finally living a life I’ve only dreamed of! And not only that but...it’s finally launch time! If you’re subscribed to my email list (join here) you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’ve worked hard all summer to curate the perfect PicsArt course that will soon be available to all of you! And that’s not even close to being all. I’ve also written and designed the ultimate guide to figuring out your DSLR! And if you want just a taste of these two amazing products, you can get your feet wet with my free webinar. All of that is on top of my bundles and bundles of presets! You are not going to want to miss getting your hands on these!

Here’s just a little bit more information on what you can expect this coming month:

  • The course: a beginner's handbook to PicsArt. I've spent hours figuring out how to use all the features of the app so you don't have to! In this course I'll teach you all the best ones to use to get your photos looking perfect.

  • The guide: everything you need to understand your DSLR. This guide covers topics like exposure, aperture, ISO, and more!

  • The webinar: a free course to give you a look inside the big one. I'll be going over how to create one of the most popular PicsArt edits.

  • The presets: different presets (and bundles!) designed for every season to help you curate your feed and have beautifully edited photos in just one click.

I hope you are as excited as I am for all of these products to leave my computer and enter yours! I have worked so hard this summer to create all of them and I hope they help you achieve your photography dreams! After all, my passion for creating comes from my desire to help others.

Now, let's have the best August possible!