The Ultimate Beginner's Photo Guide

Thinking your photos need some help?


But never fear. If you think that your photos aren't up to par just yet or you need some help learning the ins and outs of a camera, check out my photo guide! It’s designed for beginners and is perfect to help you figure out how to get your photos up to standard!


Then this photo guide is just what you need! It is the perfect guide to teach you the beginning lessons of photography. Designed to relay valuable information without overcomplicating things, this guide is sure to help you ace photo taking. Just sit back, relax, and read my guide and you'll be on the path to better photos!

With this photo guide you're getting absolutely everything you need to start understanding your camera!

Exactly What's Inside:

  • Explanations & Charts about...

    • Aperture​

    • Shutter Speed

    • ISO

    • Exposure

  • How each topic relates to your camera

  • Plus BONUS: The Exposure Triangle Graphic!