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Perfect Photos In Just One Click

Receive two easy options for creating flawless photos

26 Presets for both Mobile & Desktop Editing

Lightroom Mobile is a completely free app* that lets you use presets to instantly make your photos shine. A preset is basically a predetermined list of settings chosen to create a certain feel or aesthetic in your photo. These presets are made for you by a professional photographer so that you don’t have to spend hours pressing buttons hoping that you’ll end up with a cute pic.

*the desktop version of Lightroom is not free BUT the mobile app is

Why do you need presets?

Curate A Themed


Easy Editing

Make Your Feed

Stand Out

Make your photos look stunning with one click presets.

An easy way to create your perfect aesthetic.


Of course, though, a preset is kind of like a band-aid. It can help a photo a lot but it can’t fix everything. If the photo is blurry or has bad lighting, well, there’s only so much a preset can do. After all, you wouldn’t put a band-aid on a broken bone!

But never fear. If you don’t think that your photos are up to par just yet or you need some help learning the ins and outs of a camera, then check out my photo guide here! It’s designed for beginners and is perfect to help you figure out how to get your photos up to standard so you’ll be ready to slap a preset on and post!

These presets are just the thing you need to transform your feed in seconds. And in this pack you are getting SO many options that’ll help pretty much any photo! 

Exactly What's Inside:

  • 26 Lightroom Mobile Copies

  • 26 Lightroom Desktop Copies

  • Install Video and Instructions for IOS, Android, & Desktop

  • Access to a Private Facebook group with editing tips, tutorials, & more